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None of these apps are viruses, but since I am not registered as an official developer, your anti-virus will block them. To unblock on Windows, see this, and for Mac, see this.

Drake Equation Calculator
(Windows App)

The Drake Equation is an equation that can predict if there is intelligent life in the universe. I created a simple calculator app to prompt you to enter the inputs of the equation. It will give you the result, and by using the preset options (which are the current estimated values), you will find that there indeed could be intelligent life in the universe.

AlphaWolves FLL Rain Barrel Calculator
(Windows App)

This was a project that I did on a team of three for First Lego League 2017-18 when I was in 6th grade. I was on the AlphaWolves team (30461). For more information about our project, go to our FLL site for the technical document, slide show, interviews, online spreadsheet calculators, and a skit on the project. We had a provisional patent on this in 2018, and in early 2019, we registered a full patent with the USPTO.

DreamTeam Vex IQ Challenge
(Windows App)

I am on the Vex IQ DreamTeam (37326T). There is a app which times and scores matches, but unfortunately, it is only available for mobile devices. This app is available for laptops.



When I started writing code for JCLSource, I really enjoyed using my programming skills to help Latin students. I spent most of my free coding hours working on this website. Eventually, I wanted to start my own Latin/JCL website, and I also wanted a place to host my projects, apps, and website links. I released KabirWearsAToga a month before CJCL State Convention 2019. This website has evolved to not only host my stuff and Latin, but has become a site for language resources based on whatever languages I am currently learning.


TinyToga is my URL shortener service that you are free to use.


I am on the VexIQ Dream Team (37326T). This is our website (still in its early stages).

I have more sites, but I used Google Sites, so that's cheating. I plan to move them to KabirWearsAToga in the future.